How Are Thumbprint Cookies Made?

Our Cookie Baking Process

So, what goes into making our delicious Thumbprint Cookies? It all starts with high-quality ingredients. We use real ingredients like butter, flour, and sugar— with no preservatives. And you bet there's a secret ingredient that makes our cookies better than the rest!

First, we mix our dough. Then, we shape them into drops and make a thumb-like indentation in the center. Once they're ready, we bake cookies in small batches to ensure they bake evenly every time. Then, we top these shortbread cookies with tasty icing, specific to whatever color you choose!

After the cookies are cooled, we package them carefully, so they arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition. Whether you're ordering for yourself or sending them as a gift, get ready— our cookies will arrive fresh and delicious!


Ship Thumbprint Cookies Anywhere

Want to send fresh-baked cookies from Cleveland, Tennessee to your out-of-state relatives? We offer fast and reliable shipping so you can easily get our cookies when you need them! We offer nationwide shipping via USPS. Choose priority mail or even quicker cookie delivery with priority mail express shipping. Most cookies get delivered within 2-4 days after placing your order. We’ll ship our world-famous Thumbprint Cookies anywhere in the United States.


History of Thumbprint Cookies

The history of the Thumbprint Cookie isn't very clear, so who really knows how exactly they originated. But for us, all we know is our family recipe has been an absolute hit in Cleveland, Tennessee! After all, the Village Bake Shop has been around since 1961. That's over 60 years of baking our signature Thumbprint Cookies and other tasty treats.

On what was once just farmland in rural Bradley County, Tennessee, The Village Bake Shop is now smack-dab in the heart of the Village Green near downtown Cleveland, Tennessee. Teresa Gilbert, daughter of Founders Arthur and Jo, managed the bake shop with the help of her friends and family for so many years. Teresa gives her mother and father all the credit for teaching her their flawless techniques when it comes to baking delicious treats.

Over the Village Bake Shop's 60+ year history, we've been able to treat numerous families to perfect pastry snacks! We welcome everyone who visits us with respect and hospitality. And now, we're able to ship our Thumbprint Cookies all over the world! We're carrying out our legacy— curing one sweet tooth at a time!

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